Born and raised in South London, Charmaine Taylor studied Criminology and Sociology at University of Brighton where she embarked on working part time for charities. It was at this time Charmaine felt that "We all have a social responsibility to give back to local communities we live and work in, which will in turn create positive social change".

After graduating from University, fashion was the route taken by Charmaine for the next step in her career.

Still having the need to give back to the community and charities after 12 years in fashion, Charmaine wanted to connect the two together and be a part of positive social change. 

Working in a mainly female dominated industry for over a decade Charmaine had seen the real need for women to stick together, work together, feel confident and accomplish challenges faced together and not feel  alone.

Charmaine lives by the rule “The harder you work the luckier you become” one that she hopes becomes a common phrase amongst the female clients, staff and volunteers of SL Creatives Project.

Our Team

Style and Mentoring consultants,  Freelance stylists and Our Packing and Garment Organisers 


Creative Event coordinators 


Our creative event coordinators donate their time in assisting with Peckham Level talks and our social calendar .